Ladakh Trekking- Grab and enjoy the Ladakh trekking tour packages and get an unforgettable experience among the Indian Himalayas.
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Ladakh Trekking

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Ladakh Tour by Air

Duration: 08 Nights - 09 Days

Ladakh Cultural Trek

Duration: 04 Nights - 05 Days

Leh Travel Package by Air

Duration: 08 Nights - 09 Days

Explore Ladakh with Kashmir

Duration: 05 Nights - 06 Days

Zanskar Valley Jeep Safari

Duration: 09 Nights - 10 Days

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Ladakh Cultural Trek
Durations : 5 days
Places Covered : Delhi, Leh-Lamayuru, Wanlah-Hinju Valley , Hinju-Konze La-Camp , Hinju-Konze La-Camp , Camp-Sumdo Choon , Sumdo Choon-Satpski La-Alchi
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Kang La Trek Ladakh
Durations : 9 days
Places Covered : Delhi, Manali, Udaipur, Chamrat, Urgos-Tharang , Gumbah Nala-Base Camp, Glacier Camp-Kang La -Base Camp, Burdun-Padum, Rangdum, Kargil, Leh , Delhi
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Hemis Tagh Trek
Durations :19 days
Places Covered : Leh, Hemis, Sumdo, Chogdo, Base of Kongmaru La, Base Camp-Kongmaru La, Nimaling, Langtang Chu, Zalung Karpo La, Sorra, Dat, Yar La-Lungmo Che Lungmo Che-Lun Lun, Marang La-Camp Takh, Sarchu, Keylong, Manali
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Things needed to bring for a trek:- Good pair of trekking boots, socks, warm-waterproof clothing,sunglasses,sun-hat,down feather sleeping bag, first aid kit, water purification tablets. All other things like Tents, Mats, Utensils,etc. are available on hire in Leh. For trekking Horses or Ponies are used. For trekking in Ladakh you must be prepared to face all difficulties.

Winter Trek to Zansker
The Chadar is not a trek but a journey; a journey into the heart of Zanskar-a land that is cut off from the outside world for over half the year, and can only be visited in winter by following one of the strangest trade routes in the world, the frozen Zanskar river. The river freezes in midwinter and is safe to walk on until late February. This spectacular trek follows the traditional trading route through the Zangsker Gorge. The Gorge - impassable during the summer months, is a lifeline to the outside world in the depths of winter. The Chadar region is rarely visited by foreigners and allows a glimpse of this enchanting winter universe, dramatic mountains and glaciers, home to the Zangskari people and their ancient

Zanskar Tour Packages : Ladakh Zansker Trek - Zanskar Valley Trek

Zangsker Monasteries Zangsker Valley in Ladakh
This is not simply an out and back journey; no point in walking the frozen Zanskar unless time is spent in the yesteryear kingdom of Zangla, the small towns of Pishu, Pidmo, Stongde etc Zanskar in summer is lovely, but in winter it is a revelation, to watch the life of these Himalayan people To visit gompas and stay in Zanskari homes is a real joy.

To walk to Zanskar on the river takes 6 days; crampons make this journey easier, but it is still a serious undertaking, walking on ice which varies in thickness from inches to feet.

Following are some of the most popular treks in Ladakh (shown region wise):

Zangskar Region

This is a rigorous grade 10 days trek route crossing the highest pass of 5,100 meters. Passing through world's highest mountains this is indeed a very good trek.

This is also a 10 days trek leaving Zangskar region for Himachal Pradesh.

It is a 12 days trek with over 100 river crossings on the way. It is a tough trek that is only possible when the water level goes down (from last week of August till September end).

Zanskar Tour Packages : Ladakh Zansker Trek - Zanskar Valley Trek

Changthang / Rupsho valley region
Rumtse-Tsomoriri This is an 8 days trek crossing three 5000+ meters passes on the way leading to the beautiful plains of Rupsho and the beautiful high altitude lake Tsomoriri at 4200 meters.

Nubra Valley in LadakhThis is a 15 days trek leading to Rupsho Plains via Markha Valley and is a high altitude trek with almost crossing a pass everyday. The highest pass on the way is about 5300 meters high (Zalung Karpo La).

Nubra valley region
This a 5-6 days trek crossing Ladakh Range from Central Ladakh for Nubra Valley in the north. Spectacular views of Karakoram Range on the way and crossing Khardungla (highest motorable road) on the way back are its special features.

This is a 14 days trek and is in continuation of the above trek from Nubra Valley back to Indus Valley at Phyang crossing Lasermo Pass (5200 meters).

Nubra Tour Packages : NubraValley Trek - Nubra Jeep Safari

Markha valley
This is an 8 days trek and popularly liked by many of the trekkers in Ladakh. The highest Pass Kongmaru La is above 5000 meters.

Markha Valley Tour Package : Lamayuru - Padum - Lamayuru via Kanji La

This is also a rigorous trek of 12 days. The cost of this trek will be expensive as compared to other treks, as the trekkers have to change horses/ponies at Chiling while crossing the Zangskar River on trolleys.

Shaam region
This is a 5 days easy kind of trek with no high altitude passes on the way. Passing through beautiful villages and temples, this route is chosen by Ancient Tracks for Healing Programs [check Healing and Counseling (link to Special Packages section)].
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